The dirty little secret about concrete is that the part you’re walking on, your forklifts and carts are rolling on, and your pallets are sliding on is the weakest part. Yes, the surface of your concrete floor is the weakest part! It has the lowest strength. It has the least wear resistance. It even has the lowest impact resistance. Why? Without getting into the weeds of concrete design, the answer interestingly lies in aesthetics. When a concrete finisher gives you that nice, smooth surface you desire, he is actually working a cement cream or paste to the surface. He then trowels it smooth.

If done properly, it looks great. The problem is this cream is weak. That’s why the concrete industry has innovated ways of making this cream surface better, including surface densifiers and shake-on hardeners. These work great, but concrete polishing has proven to offer a harder, better-looking alternative. The concept of concrete polishing is rather simple. Grind off this cream. Make the concrete harder with a chemical densifier. Then polish to a shine. It’s as hard, smooth, and durable as your granite countertop at home! But while the concept of polished concrete is simple, it becomes quite complex when faced with the reality of no two pieces of concrete being the same, not to mention no two slab conditions being the same. Throw your expectations in the mix along with budget and traffic, suddenly proper concrete polishing has become a daunting task.

That’s why we developed Zefcrete. Zefcrete is the culmination of the experience of installing millions of square feet of floor. It’s the right equipment. The right tooling. The right materials. But most importantly, it’s the right knowledge and technique. Without knowledge and technique, the right equipment, tooling, and materials are not as effective. Steps will be skipped or left half done. Your cracks, holes, and joints in may be left unrepaired. Our reference clients tell us very few contractors polish concrete like we do. Because of them, we don’t compromise. Remember, all polished concrete is not the same. Don’t settle for a big box store spit-shine in your facility