Zefco has partnered with the finest manufacturers of concrete repair, hardeners, sealing and cleaning products to curate our debut product line. This exciting collection of proven products that the Zefco team has tested and developed over time are available for sale to all our valued Zefco customers.

Zefco Repair Pro is a tintable three-part structural urethane mortar repair system designed to self level and stick to voids and depressions in the floor, and harden much stronger than the concrete that surrounds it.

Zefco Joint Pro is a two-part semi rigid polyurea that fills and protects the edges of expansion joints— the most common cause of industrial flooring issues.

Zefco Endura Pro is a potassium silicate based densifier and hardener that helps to solidify the porous nature of concrete. It can be used on new and existing concrete floors independently, as well as an integral part of a diamond polished concrete floor.

Zefco Guard Pro is a water-based liquid solution to be used as a treatment to help protect concrete floors from the elements. While it is not a “sealer”, its main function is to provide a window by which liquids can be cleaned up before reaching the concrete substrate.

Zefco Clean Pro is a ph neutral cleaning solution designed to be used in conjunction with automatic scrubbing equipment. It is safe to use on any industrial floor.

The Zefco team understands that there are often small projects that arise at your plant that need a quick fix and don’t require the entire Zefco team on site. With ZefCrate™, we’ve got you covered. We’ll ship you the training, equipment, and consumables needs to properly perform industrial grade concrete repairs the Zefco way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer orders ZefCrate™ and is provided with helpful video tutorials.
  2. Daily rental rate begins once customer takes delivery of ZefCrate™.
  3. Customer performs repairs and then returns remaining products to Zefco.
  4. Zefco reviews condition of equipment, calculates consumable usage, and bills customer accordingly.