Interestingly enough, every time we enter one of our client’s facilities, we Repair. Their plant floors invariably have rough, uneven joints. They have bolts sticking up out of the floor, or, at minimum, holes where bolts were. Sometimes the client faces rough floors with exposed aggregate, worn away by abusive traffic, hot water, or chemical attack. If our client wants a Polished or Coated floor, Repair provides the foundation for their floors to not only look good, but also a floor that doesn’t slow down production or beat their material handling equipment or people to death, or worse yet, present a safety hazard.

But occasionally a client simply wants a joint rebuilt, or a few holes to disappear, or a small area made smooth again. Their situation doesn’t require Coating or Polishing. It’s for those customers we offer Repair as a stand-alone service. Repair is a fast, easy, and less obtrusive option for clients to fix some things about their floor that’s been bugging them for months, or sometimes, even years.

Our Repair service is so popular, we established QRU (Quick Repair Unit). You simply order up a QRU and schedule two experienced floor repair guys show up at your plant, outfitted with a day’s worth of repair material and the equipment to get the job done. You have them for a day, so they can get a lot done. Show them what’s bugging you and they’ll fix it. It’s that simple!