Concrete is a tough, durable, and inexpensive option for floors in industrial facilities. But it seems the demands on our concrete floors continue to increase. Not only are our concrete floors exposed to more demanding environments, aesthetic requirements increase as well, especially with customers visiting your facilities more and more. While repairing concrete and polished concrete handle some situations well, concrete floor coating will continue to play a major role in giving industrial clients the performance and aesthetics the require.

While coatings conjure up thoughts of a liquid being applied by a roller to a floor, our definition of “coating” encompasses so much more. A coating to us it not only liquid resin, but also trowelable surfacers and squeegeed slurry coats. So a coating to Zefco Industrial Flooring is any material applied to the broad surface of concrete, rather than in a localized area, as in a repair.

Why use a coating? There are many reasons: chemical resistance, chemical containment, water-proofing, custom color, culture in a plant that likes coatings, rough floor that needs surfacing, etc. It’s up to you and your requirements. Let us help you decide which floor is right for you, whether it’s a simple repair, concrete polishing, or one of the many coatings options.